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TOBY etc. specialises in brand identity as part of its consultancy services. When undertaking its own brand identity for TOBY etc. it seemed fitting to secure the services of an expert craftsmen and logotype specialist.

Mr Smith’s Letterpress of Kennington, London is run by Kelvyn Laurence Smith. To quote Toby . . . “Branding often starts with the wag of the dog’s tail rather than focusing on the dog itself. So I preferred to work with a sculptor of printed letterforms with a hands on approach, as in a traditional foundry, rather than appoint a digital branding studio who are often represented by flat glass computer screens.”

By definition TOBY etc. carries a personal touch, as it is representative of the work of Toby Clark. After evaluation of research and print tests undertaken by Mr Smith of www.smithsrules.com it became clear to the two collaborators that identifying a personal characteristic and code would be important and equally that Clarendon would be the ideal logotype.

Clarendon was created by Robert Besley in London in 1845 at Fann Street Foundry. It was the world’s first patented typeface. Clarendon proved to be extremely popular in many parts of the world, in particular for display applications such as posters printed with wood type.

The brand identity work created by Mr Smith extended to the design and identity of the TOBY etc. website. The brief was to consider a jigsaw puzzle in its conceptual form and to create a website featuring a systematic process that fits together and functions intuitively. An individual square within a simple grid formation, was identified as the most aesthetic and functional solution.