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“Throughout my career I have been privileged to work with a number of influential brands, each providing invaluable insights.

Each brand develops its own unique culture with a specific personality and there is always a sensory learning curve. Understanding the profile of the consumer and their needs as a user is as vital as understanding the make up of the product.

While some brands may value the materials, fabrications and quality of make as their point of difference, others will place more emphasis on developing conceptual styles and powerful campaign imagery.

The brands I admire the most have common attributes, notably a design discipline and sense of purpose within their organisations. There is a meaning behind what they do. This process enables brands to identify and attract like-minded thinkers, which in turn creates an energy and flow.  Cohesive teams are strengthened by their mutual commitment, making the ethos behind a like-minded team an effective strategy for brand growth.

As a consultant, achieving a level of autonomy within a brand organisation is often key to successful brand projects and this requires trust and confidence. While each project brings its own unique challenges, a key aspect is gauging how best to stimulate positive change, while respecting the existing brand culture that comes before it.

Most of all, I believe a design consultant should aim to satisfy the end-consumer, as much as the brand company’s management, simply because it’s the continued loyalty of the consumer that will make a brand commercially sustainable.”



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