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Instagram is undoubtedly the most influential image creating platform of the 21st century. With more than 1 billion users worldwide, for many it has become an intrinsic tool of their daily life.

Its influence upon society is unparalleled, with a platform of connectivity driven by the biggest archive of digital photographs in the world, already exceeding 40 billion images.

Having established itself as a universal tool, it’s widespread¬†popularity has in itself created a new set of social paradigms, for both social engagement and commercial business activity.

With images shared directly from one hand held device to another, its immediacy has created a level of digital voyeurism. While the facility to enhance each image through digital filters takes us a step closer to a world of virtual reality and A.I. technology, leaving a powerful impression on the viewer and enabling a conflict between illusion and reality.

While it remains an intriguing phenomenon, the advance of Instagram, together with its omnipresent desire to record our every movement, as part of a digital revolution, it might also be viewed as slightly unsettling.

The long-term social effects of globalising a once private inner sanctum, is still relatively unchartered…


“As a creative I’ve always felt it important to engage with all types of technology. I also believe in the principle of sharing authentic creativity within an open public platform.

I prefer to do this in a quiet way and use Instagram to connect with like-minded creatives. I do not seek or chase followers and believe in organic discovery and connectivity. This is the reason I never use #hashtags.

I like reality, which is the reason I never photoshop or filter my images. To me there is an art and skill in capturing a moment of reality. Natural daylight is our powerful ally if we learn how to use her.

My images are inspired by all forms of creations. I tend to be altruistic and seek to promote the creative works of others, as altruism feels important to my life journey. My instagram feed features a myriad of creators who inspire me and who all channel the Light. ”

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